Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute 

is dedicated to the principle that the local church is God’s organization for the equipping of the preacher and the layman alike for the work of the ministry. Here at LVBBI we are prepared to offer Biblical academic instruction for the man preparing for the pastoral ministry, church-planting ministry, or missionary work; or for the lady who desires to prepare herself for appropriate ministry, or simply further her education. Our programs offer a convenient schedule of comprehensive Bible courses coupled with opportunities for practical involvement in various church ministries. It is ideal for men or women preparing for the ministry. For others who simply want to further their Bible knowledge for the purpose of service in the local church, we offer a less demanding laymen’s program. Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is distinctively Baptist in theology and practice. We believe the Bible is able to fully meet the needs of every individual. We do not apologize for the “faith once delivered to the saints.” This program is specifically designed for the members of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church and is not intended for public access. If you believe you have an exception to this, please reach out to us directly about taking courses through LVBBI.

~ Pastor Roland Hammett

Pastor Roland Hammett