LVBBI Testimonials

“LVBBI has been a blessing and I praise God for the faithfulness you have been to this ministry.”J. Reeves, Maryland
“Classes are packed with sound Biblical doctrine, mixed with very practical day-to-day advice and teaching. Our instructors are not only knowledgeable, but they are active in the ministry which allows them to share their experiences. God gave the job of training pastors and laymen for the ministry to the local church and Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is fulfilling that responsibility in the lives of its students.”C. Gable, PA
“I am quite thankful for the opportunity to be educated through the Lord’s Church, and in the process, be busy serving the Lord at the same time in my home church.”George Hammett, Missionary to South Africa
“Every class is applicable to your life and the teachers make sure you understand how you can apply it right now. What better place to learn about what independent, fundamental, KJV, local Baptist churches should believe, than in one?”R. Hammett, PA
“If it were not for LVBBI I doubt I would be in the ministry today. LVBBI made it possible for me both financially and academically to serve the Lord in full time ministry.”Rod Gable, Pastor, Haven Baptist Church - LVBBI Graduate 1994
“Each course has been useful for me and my personal convictions are always strengthened as a result of Bible Institute.” A. Hammond, PA
“What I appreciate the most about LVBBI was the Bible intensive training situated in a local church environment, preparing for ministry in the way the Lord intended – under the tutelage and instruction of a Godly pastor. I highly recommend LVBBI to any person looking to further his/her understanding of the Scriptures and certainly to those looking to prepare for ministry in a God ordained local church setting.”Jeff Allison, Missionary to the Czech Republic - LVBBI Graduate, 2001
“I appreciated the discipleship environment that was made possible by the small size of the classes and my close relationship with the instructors. I am thankful for the instruction that I received at LVBBI and the way in which it prepared me for a lifetime of serving Christ!”Roland Hammett, Pastor, Lehigh Valley Baptist Church - LVBBI Graduate, 1999