Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is dedicated to the principle that the local church is God’s organization for the equipping of the preacher and the layman alike for the work of the ministry. Here at LVBBI we are prepared to offer Biblical academic instruction for the man preparing for the pastoral ministry, church-planting ministry, or missionary work; or for the lady who desires to prepare herself for appropriate ministry, or simply further her education. Our programs offer a convenient schedule of comprehensive Bible courses coupled with opportunities for practical involvement in various church ministries. It is ideal for men or women preparing for the ministry. For others who simply want to further their Bible knowledge for the purpose of service in the local church, we offer a less demanding laymen’s program.
Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is distinctively Baptist in theology and practice. We believe the Bible is able to fully meet the needs of every individual. We do not apologize for the “faith once delivered to the saints.” If you desire to be trained to better serve the Lord as a layman or to prepare for a full-time ministry, you should consider Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute.

Doug Hammett, D.Min
Comprehensive information is avaliable in our catalog.

History and Purpose

Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute was established in 1979 with the purpose of providing laymen a solid foundation in Bible training. At that time, twelve courses were required for graduation from the Bible Institute and a diploma was awarded to all those maintaining a C average or above. Sunday School teachers, ushers, parents, and many others took advantage of this unique opportunity to learn the Bible.

In 1989, under the direction of Pastor Doug Hammett, the Institute was broadened to include the training of men for the pastoral ministry. Forty-five courses are now required as well as field work, a thesis and preaching workshops. Most of our courses are available online, making it possible for a serious Bible student to complete the necessary 106 credit hours in a period of four years. An educational division has also been developed to give ladies opportunities to further their talents and abilities for the Lord.

The Bible training opportunity offered here is a smaller Bible Institute where the student is developed to the utmost of his or hers spiritual abilities. Some of the advantages of this Bible training are affordability, opportunity, accountability, and practicality. The Bible Institute’s purpose is to help a student grow in spiritual character while preparing the student academically and practically for Christian service.

Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is fully sponsored and administered by Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. This Institute is not connected with any denomination, convention, fellowship, or association. It is an integral ministry of and inseparable from Lehigh Valley Baptist Church.


Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute normally admits only students who are faithful members of independent Baptist churches. All students who are not members of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church must be recommended by their own pastor in order to qualify for admission. Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute adheres to a non-discriminatory policy and will not refuse admission to a student simply on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

To apply for either on-campus learning or distance learning a prospective student should:

Read the Institute’s Catalog.
Obtain the appropriate application form.
Return the completed application and appropriate fees. All fees are to be remitted to Lehigh Valley Baptist Church.
Send transcript requests to appropriate institutions (with any fees they may charge) for transcripts to be sent to the Registrar at Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute (if applicant is seeking credit transfers).
Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute will request recommendations from the applicant’s pastor (if needed), and make other necessary contacts.
The Registrar will then contact the applicant.

Applicants may contact Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute with questions or for other information in the following ways: *For more information:

Call the church office at (610) 965-4700
Write the Registrar at the address below:
Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute
4702 Colebrook Avenue
Emmaus, PA 18049
A completed Application for Admission form and a recommendation from the applicant’s pastor are required before any student may be enrolled in Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute.